Factors To Consider When Choosing Concrete Foundation Cracks And Repairs Products
Fixing a concrete foundation crack can be quite scary for a building owner since most people usually wait until the building seems unstable or about to collapse before they seek some professional help in fixing it. This is dangerous since the longer the problem is ignored, the worse it gets. Therefore, it is better to fix problems in your foundation as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading, especially if it is a crack. For one to be able to choose a suitable material to repair foundation cracks, it is important to know the cause of the problem, and the load of the foundation so that the repair carried out can be long-lasting. Here are a few factors that one should consider when choosing repair materials for a durable and long lasting repair job.

One of the properties one should look for in the repair material is compatibility with the substrate. The substrate is the main component of the original concrete. The repair material should be compatible with this substrate in terms of thermal expansion properties, water holding capacity, water vapor diffusion, stiffness and flexibility. Compatibility helps the repair material to blend in well with the original concrete hence preventing any future problems that may arise from incompatibility.

Durability is another property that one should look for. A durable material will enable one to perform a repair job that will last for a long period of time with little or no changes over the expected life service of the material. Therefore, this eliminates the need for frequent structural concrete epoxy injection repairs. Durable material is often resistant to UV exposure, alkaline conditions and has good thermal stability.
Yet another important factor that one has to consider is the permeability of the material. That has low permeability will limit the penetration of chloride ion that may corrode the material. It also minimizes carbonation hence preserving the material for longer by reducing its exposure to corrosion. This makes the repair job more durable.

Finally, one should also consider the workability of the material. The material should be easy to work with so as to ensure a smooth finish and an easier job for the contractors or even for the client if he or she is doing the fixing themselves. Workable material is less rigid and more flexible hence presenting fewer problems to the workman thus the job is generally much easier.
In conclusion, the type of product that you choose for your concrete foundation repair job has a great impact on the success of the repair as well as its durability. Therefore, one should ensure that they choose the right product for the repair job, which they can accomplish by following the guidelines above.